A New Dawn

by Cross Legacy

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released October 28, 2014

Album Artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen.
Photography by Robin K Simon.
Produced by Cross Legacy.
Mixed by Bijoy Thangaraj
Recorded at JSplash Studios, Bangalore, India.
Mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, NYC.

℗ & © 2014 JSplash Studios Pvt. Ltd.
The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by JSplash Studios Pvt. Ltd. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. All rights reserved. 888831802433.




all rights reserved


Cross Legacy Bengaluru, India

Cross Legacy are

Amith - Keyboards, Violin & Vocals
Bijoy - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Isaac - Bass
Billy - Lead Guitars
Jagan - Drums

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Track Name: Dawn of the New Generation
This time it is better
It's a new beginning
of a new race, new craze,
a new kind of movement
With revolution ahead,
we're gonna take the stand
We'll not be restless, but reckless
We'll live our calling

We'll never turn back
We'll never slow down
We'll go around the world
and tell the good news
It is time, it is now...

Here comes the dawn
of the new generation
Here comes the dawn...

I've got a question for you
Would to tell me now?
Is it time for you yet to take the call?
It’s time to focus on the things that matter
That matter forever, forever and ever

We'll never turn back
We'll never slow down
We'll go around the world
and tell the good news
It is time, it is now...
Track Name: The Crazy Times
We're living in the crazy times
Do you know? We're captivated by
the web of lies, yes, you know it
We're crumbled by the broken ties
Do you know? We're overloaded
with false desires, yes, you know it

We've got no time to pray,
no time to praise the One
who gave us everything
We're stuck up in our own ways
with heavy tolls to pay

Hey... Hey...
It's time to rearrange our priorities
Hey... Hey...
It's time to re-create the memories
of when we first believed,
when we first received
the Holy One into our lives

We're living in the crazy times
Do you know? We're suffocated
by polluted minds, yes, you know it
We're working all the way to
survive in this blind rat race...
 Oh, yeah...

We've got no time to pray,
no time to praise the One
who gave us everything
We're caught up in this cycle again,
this vicious cycle of pain
Track Name: I Bow Down
Lord, as I ponder over the works of Your hands
Oh I’m filled with awe and praise
All of creation is the manifestation
of Your wisdom, love and power
Just out of nothing You created everything
You’re so perfect, You’re the God of wonder
You’re the King of all, great and small
Nobody else can take Your place

So I bow down in adoration
You have engraved me upon Your hands and
Lifted me up from the deepest pit
and made my life worthy to live

Lord I wonder how
You never stop loving me
You never give up (You never give up on me...)
Lord I wonder again
how You save again
I just can’t comprehend 
 (I cannot comprehend...)

You’re my Saviour (You saved my life),
Great Redeemer (redeemed my life)
Track Name: Metal Station (feat. Candice & Bianca)
We, the face-book generation
are here to bring some transformation
So would you now listen?
We're gonna wake up the sleeping population

Oh it takes a little sacrifice
Stand up and fight the lies

Invitation to join the battle
Break the chains and come,
tune into Metal Station

Are you tied to your workstation
suffering from all humiliation?
It's tough to be in this situation
But its nothing but a mental illusion

Listen up everybody now, FOCUS over here
Time to get into a whole new atmosphere
Gonna strike a pose, gonna let ‘em know
We follow Christ and there ain’t no stopping us anymore (let’s roll)
So you’ve got a fan base on Twitter but we follow Jesus,
yeah there’s nobody bigger
You think we’re missing out
but you don’t see us bitter
Tryin’ to keep it real, homie, here’s the deal (uhh...)
We don’t need to see our names up in lights
or the paparazzi chasing us to know that we’re fly
With Jesus inside,

we know we burn bright
lil light of mine, Imma let it shine.
So get it straight, life ain’t a fairytale
All I’m singing is we have
got to take a stand today
This is a wake up call for one and all
And when the lost get found, we’re gonna celebrate
Jesus freaks, get your Bibles open
Go into the world, don’t you know the Lord’s comin’?
So getta move on,
its time to take charge
Like soldiers in a battle, forward march
Since I’ve got your attention let me mention that as a Christian
there can be no pretension, you are under inspection
all the time so your life
has to speak volumes of the
love of the one who died for you.
Track Name: Sea of Traitors
I'm breaking up with all my fascinations
I don't wanna play this game of life and death
You try to take the place of my Creator
I don't have no trust in your lies

I've been deceived by you
Been cheated countless times
Been restless and weary ‘cause of you
Victory seems far away
But I still believe I can
Now I call the only one who saves

You're the Navigator
In the sea of traitors, oh my Creator

Looking back, I was just a loser
Betting on the things
that are not worth talking bout
And then one day, I just took the leap of faith
He gave me all that I ever wanted
I was just a fool to let it go, to let it go, oh no...
Track Name: Love Revolution (feat. Aravind Nair)
You know you need someone to love ya
You know you need someone to hold ya
Why do you wanna hold back your love?
Everyone around the nation
Would you start this revolution?
For a resolution of love

Lets give all we can to everybody
Lets share His love with everyone

You know we're told to love one another
and not be late to forgive our brothers
Why do you still wanna hold back your smile?
Lets be the first to love, first to smile,
first to forgive our neighbour
Lets be the first to lend out our hands
Track Name: Stand on His Word
In this time of uncertainty,

one thing is for sure
His word will never let you down
Through the ages, it’s pure
Times do change, people let you down
And you wonder if your feet
are on solid ground

Stand on His Word,
He will always lift you up
When you’re cold and thirsty,
He will fill your cup
Stand on his Word, for He is your light
You never go wrong,
‘cause He will be your guide

His Word is wisdom,
His Word is love
His Word is the light that leads you
every day and night
In times of trouble, 

His Word will be your rescue
In this time of uncertainty,

one thing is for sure
His Word will never let you down,

through the ages it’s pure

So I stand... Oh I stand...
Stand on His Word the solid ground

And when the storm hits,
you’ll stay firm (when the darkness surrounds you)
And He will lift you high as you

stand on His Word the solid ground
Track Name: Life and Death (feat. Steve Alfred)
When your life is crashing down
With no one around you, lying alone
When you feel there's nothing left
Just hang on; it’s not the end

He’ll never leave you, nor forsake you

Fighting out your emotions
Burning your bridges all to ashes
Happy days were all around
Now, no one's knows you
but you still have a Friend
No matter where you’ve been
or whoever you are
He will never leave you
Nor forsake you

When you’re on your deathbed
knowing your lifeline will stop anytime
Past moments are nothing worth
But do not fear where will your destiny be
Crying at your broken plight
Burying down all your hopes to the ground
Just call His name from deep within
You'll have a place in eternal home

Track Name: All that I Need
You are my hope in my despair
My antidote in this world's warfare
You’ve called me by name and made me Your friend
So I come to You Lord with a heart full of praise

All that I need is You, Lord Jesus
All I now seek is You
All I can do is nothing without You
You're all I need

When I was dragged by my desires
By Your love, You drew me near
You made me Your child and lifted me higher
So I give You my self, cleanse me with fire

Renew my mind and soul
Make me anew with Your Word
I yield to Your strength and Your power
Knowing that I need You
Track Name: Legacy
We're not here to sing about us
We're not here to boast of what we've done
We'll be here today and gone tomorrow
But we're here to sing about the greater One. Yeah...

He's the One who turned water to wine
He's the One who made the dead men rise
He's the One who gave sight to the blind
He's the One who made the deaf hear
He's the One who gives you oxygen
He's the One who holds the earth in His hands
He's the One who gives eternal life
He's the only One who can

Sing of the legacy of the living One
Legacy of the immortal One
Legacy of the great I Am
Legacy of Jesus Christ

So would you put your trust in Him
Take Him in your life
Give your heart to Him
And join with us singing the
Legacy of the living One
Legacy of the immortal One
Legacy of the great I Am
Legacy of Jesus Christ